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Item LP001.  Introducing The Beatles (Version 1 Stereo - AD Back)  on Vee Jay Records !!! 

Manufacturer:  Vee Jay Records, USA, SR1062, 1964
Cover Condition:  VG
Vinyl Condition:  Good
Offered is truly one of the Holy Grails of vintage Beatles record collecting... the STEREO AD BACK Introducing The Beatles album issued by VJ Records in January 1964, just a month before The Beatles visited America for the first time ever. The record ID number is SR-1062. Both the jacket and the record pass all of the authenticity tests 100%: the jacket has two 1/4" inner flaps on the inside seams; it has "PRINTED IN U.S.A." printed vertically on the front cover, lower left corner; and the rare Vee Jay "AD BACK" slick on the back cover.  The jacket lays nice and flat. The seams are quite nice and the spine print is all there except for the very top where SR1062 is worn away. The jacket includes the original VJ inner sleeve too, but there is tape on all 3 sides of the VJ inner sleeve. The vinyl we will grade conservatively Good+ to VG- but it plays much better than that: the vinyl still has some gloss to it even though there are numerous scuffs and scratches on the vinyl. It's very enjoyable to listen to this record, you won't be disappointed with this record. Vee Jay pressed some of the best deep groove records ever made, and this is one of them. The record is quite heavy too as you would expect with a deep groove pressing from the early 1960s. The sound is still quite brilliant, even though in the quiet passages, between songs, there is a little noise. The stereo definition is really nice. We have listened to the entire record and there are absolutely no skips and no loud pops either. We would grade the vinyl VG to VG+ just by listening to it. I've heard NM- condition records that sounded the same as this one. In the dead wax area on the inner grooves is stamped "AudioMatrix" and also stamped "ARP" so this is definitely the FIRST ISSUE of this rare album. The record ID numbers are visible too in the dead wax but these are much harder to see unless you use a magnifying glass, but they are all there. On side 1 on the label's border is a small name written neatly in ink that is hard to see in the pictures; it measures less than 1", the name "Sprague" is located in the yellow colored section of the label's border on side 1. This 1st issue has STEREO printed in large bold silver letters above the oval Vee Jay logo on both sides. The labels have outer wear so I grade them VG. Overall it's about a VG package, both record and jacket given the various conditions of each piece. The record is definitely a keeper and worthy of any serious Beatles record collection. So if you don't want to spend $5,000 for an example of this rare Stereo AD Back LP in VG+ condition, here's your chance at getting a decent one at a reasonable price. Keep in mind that this gem is one of the highest valued Beatles records in existence, booking at over $12,000 in NM condition and $6,000 in VG condition. So in years to come, this record will definitely increase in value. Finally, since the real value here is in the cover, if you were to find a VG+ or better record someday, you could easily double the value of your investment. We have provided several different photos of the piece.  Please note that shipping on this item will be $35 for any USA address and the record will be sent by USPS Express mail overnight delivery with full insurance. 


Item LP002.  The Beatles - BEATLES '65  - Rare MONO First Issue STILL SEALED!!!

Manufacturer:  Captiol, USA, T2228, 1964
Cover Condition:  SS
Vinyl Condition:  Record: SS
Comments:   Still Sealed.  Shrink wrap has a few small tears, most notably at both bottom corners.  There is 1 breathe hole on the front cover right next to George.  The shrink wrap is a bit dusty.  An excellent condition example of this rare still sealed mono 1960's LP.  



Item LP003.  George Martin - HELP! - United Artists Records - Original Stereo Unplayed in Shrinkwrap!!!

Manufacturer:  UA Records USA, UAS-6448
Cover Condition:  NM-, still in original Shrink wrap, Super nice cover!!
Vinyl Condition: 
NM,  really nice vinyl, looks like it was unplayed!
Super Nice original copy!!!  



  Item A001: The Ultra Rare BEATLES USA WHITE ALBUM SWBO-101 COMPRESSED VERSION From 1968 - This Very Rare album was never supposed to be produced by Capitol Records and especially not Released to the Public !!!      APP 101.SR1(c)X   Apple SWBO-101

This is a previously unknown Jacksonville Factory Pressing with Both Records pressed from two of the original  33 sets of lacquers (Disk 1 was pressed from A11 and A9 lacquers) (Disk2 was pressed from B15 and A11 lacquers);   all previous Compressed Versions found and documented have been from the Scranton and two from the Los Angeles Factory!!!   Don't Miss Out On This Ultra Rarity pressed at Capitol Records' Jacksonville IL factory in November of 1968 !!! 

Because this rarity was one of the first White Albums pressed, both albums contain all 7 Song Title Errors too! 

Offered is the ultra rare Compressed USA First Edition Version of The Beatles White Album on Apple Records SWBO-101!!  This LP was never supposed to be released to the public, or anyone!!!  George Harrison asked Capitol Records in late 1968 to destroy all the masters that were created to date!    This is one of those very few copies that was pressed by mistake at Capitol Records Jacksonville IL Factory in 1968!!!    This record is a First Issue White Album that's record labels contain 7 Song Title printing errors!   The jacket has "The Beatles" in raised letters with serial number ● 0646934 stamped on the front cover.   This LP jacket has a Gugler Litho manufactured cover!  

The album jacket itself is in Very Good to Very Good+ condition.  The jacket has some light foxing all over.   The seams have light even wear with no seam splitting.  Inside the gatefold has more foxing around the edges but with no splits in the center fold.  The spine is complete with all printing.

The album includes the four 8x10 color photos in Excellent condition.  Included is the original orange colored page divider for the 4 photographs of The Beatles in Excellent condition plus the original poster is in Excellent condition.    The 2 original white paper inner sleeves are included in Very Good condition.

The value here is in the vinyl itself and the records...  Both records are in Near Mint- condition! We are sure that some dealers would grade both records Near Mint!  They are that nice!!!   Full gloss, no spindle marks or wear!  A Gorgeous Set That You'll Never Have To Upgrade!

The master numbers on this LP are stamped in the deadwax on each side as follows:

Side 1: SWBO-X1-101-A11 #3 - This record has an 'O' in the deadwax signifying Jacksonville Factory
Side 2: SWBO-X2-101-A9  #2 - This record has an 'O' in the deadwax signifying Jacksonville Factory
Side 3: SWBO-X3-101-B15  #2 - This record has a 'O' in the deadwax signifying Jacksonville Factory
Side 4: SWBO-X4-101-A11  #3 - This record has a 'O' in the deadwax signifying Jacksonville Factory

Each of the sides are shown in our pictures along with pictures of the deadwax etchings for each side.   Again, these were pressed and distributed by Capitol Records' Jacksonville Illinois Factory!  We sold a very similar copy a year ago and that was the only other Jacksonville Compressed White Album known.  Any doubts can be settled by checking DISCOGS out and viewing the first issue Jacksonville White Album pressing; look down under BARCODE AND OTHER IDENTIFIERS you will see the first 4 sides listed(this is the album you normally find), the next 4 listings are the Compressed Version... so look for: (Runout A) (Runout B) (Runout C) and (Variant 1 / Runout D)... these 4 sides contain Record 1 mfg using A11 and A9 Jacksonville masters  and Record 2 made from B35 /B35 Los Angeles masters...  Be aware:  some compressed version albums only have 1 compressed disk in the set.  Our Copy Has Both LPs Compressed!!

This Is Only The Third Copy of a Complete Jacksonville Compressed Pressing Version we have ever heard of - This is a Great Opportunity to Add a Terrific USA 1968 WHITE ALBUM Rarity to your Beatles collection!!    When we sold the other Jacksonville album last year, Perry Cox told us it was the first one he'd ever heard of!  It's that rare!!  Good Luck!!

We have found on the web plus Bruce Spizer's books have several paragraphs on this exact subject.  After some reading on the web we found a lot of information pointing out several noticeable differences:  on Why Don't We Do It In The Road?  'Bruce Spizer had 3 paragraphs about this special compressed version of The White Album on his follow up to "The Beatles on Apple Records" book which he placed as an addendum in his "The Beatles Swan Song" book. He stated that George did indeed supervise the re-mastering and it took place at Sound Recorders Studio around the corner from the Capitol Tower and that Capitol scrapped the original 33 sets of laquers in October 1968. But for some reason the Scranton factory released some of these initial 33 laquers!!! The new lacquers were recut with E/Q settings with Stereo Limiter Equipment now set to zero. He stated the differences were evident with a close listen at the low & high parts of songs are less dynamic on these early versions. He showed several digital wave comparison charts of one particular song, Why Don't We Do It In The Road? and that clearly showed differences in the song! He stated there is visible evidence of this compression in all the songs on the album! Buy his books and you can educate yourself on this special LP!    


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