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    Imagine a service where each item is pre-screened for authenticity and as a buyer you have a 100% satisfaction guarantee or you get an immediate refund.  Buyers and sellers are completely protected during the transaction process so there is no chance of ever getting burned again on a deal over the internet...

That Service is...



Aren't you tired of sifting through hundreds of counterfeit and unauthorized items on all those auction services? 

is Not an auction!

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Our Service...

Each and every item is pre-screened for authenticity prior to being listed by our panel of experts.  All memorabilia items are pre-screened by Beatle expert and author Joe Hilton.  BeatleBay has additional experts on  memorabilia and recordings so you can feel safe that what you're buying is exactly what it's claimed to be.  Our experts are the best in the field.  Frank Caiazzo of The Beatles Autographs is a member of our authenticity panel of experts, therefore all autographs listed on BeatleBay are guaranteed 100% authentic.  We also welcome users to challenge the authenticity of any item presented on BeatleBay.  If you believe our panels of experts has missed anything, please email us and explain in detail your reasoning.  We will pull any item that is determined to be a fake.  The bottom line is BeatleBay doesn't want to list any bootleg or counterfeit items, period.  

BeatleBay  filters out the all the junk.   "If it's not real, it's not listed".  You will not see bootleg or counterfeit items listed on BeatleBay.   Imagine not having to sift through all the junk you see on other websites to get to the authentic vintage memorabilia you're really looking for!  Our items are listed alphabetically by category and are fully searchable.  

All items accepted are listed at fixed, set prices and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  No more guessing on what an item will sell for like all those pesky auction sites!  All our items are listed at the actual selling price requested by the seller.  If you see something you want, simply fill out the buyer form and submit your request - first come, first served!

BeatleBay Protects You !!

BeatleBay fully protects buyers and sellers by the use of our escrow service.  In short,  buyers pay BeatleBay directly,  then receive their merchandise from the seller once their funds are secured.  Once that merchandise is received by the buyer,  the buyer has a 48 hour inspection period where they acknowledge to BeatleBay that their purchase is satisfactory.   BeatleBay then forwards payment to the seller.  Everyone Wins and Nobody Loses!  

We feel that BeatleBay's unique authentication service coupled with our buyer inspection period provides a service like no other company can offer !!!

Visit our registration page for more detailed information on this great new service!

All Buyers and Sellers should first register with BeatleBay prior to use.  BeatleBay reserves the right to reject any buyer or seller from using it's service for any reason.  Any buyer or seller who does not adhere to our policies and procedures will be banned from future use.  BeatleBay reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.

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