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Featuring the largest collection of 1960's Beatles Memorabilia in the World!!!

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NOTICE:  Access to BeatleBay's Reference Library is now Restricted.   Unfortunately there have been some examples of misuse of the pictures from our website.  This spoils it for everyone so now access is restricted until further notice.

Our Standard Reference Library contains the following chapters.  Detailed information on each item, counterfeit information,  plus large full color photographs of each item are available.

1. Record Promotional Items (several hundred original Capitol, Apple, EMI, VJ and UA licensed items documented).  Please note a new section now exists documenting all original Beatle record promotional advertisements from industry magazines such as Billboard and Cash Box from 1963 through the early 1970's.

2. Original 1960's Beatles Memorabilia from A to Z (thousands of original NEMS Enterprises Ltd. licensed items documented)

3. Original 1968 Yellow Submarine Memorabilia from A to Z ( hundreds of original 1968-69 K.F.S. Subafilms Ltd. licensed items documented)

4. 1999 Licensed Yellow Submarine Memorabilia (over 100 descriptions and photographs of new licensed items)

5. Counterfeit Identification (this section is a work-in-progress as we are adding new counterfeit identification descriptions on a constant basis)

Our Standard Reference Library displays thousands of photographs and descriptions of original 1960's Beatles and Yellow Submarine memorabilia.  Our Standard Reference Library's intention is to educate collectors on the many items that were produced during the Beatles years and hopefully reduce the number of fake and counterfeit items that collectors might unknowingly purchase.

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All images and text Copyright 2000, 2020 BeatleBay and may not be reproduced or reprinted in any manner
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