Rock 'n Roll Treasures Book


45s, EPs and Picture Sleeves



  •    Featuring the rarest items of the past 40 years

  •    Over 1/3 of this book is just Beatles! 

  •    8 x 11, 328 Pages all in Full Color 

  •    $19.95 plus $10.00 shipping.... see below

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A great new price and reference guide for Rock 'n Roll collectibles.  Chronicling 40 years of great memorabilia from over 100 different artists.   Over 2,000 items are featured in full color.  The book heavily features The Beatles and nearly one-third of the content is of The Beatles!   There are dozens of Beatles items not shown in any other price guides on the market today.  Everything from original 1960's memorabilia, Yellow Submarine items, promotional items, instruments, concert items, Apple items, autographs and handwritten lyrics.  You won't be disappointed.  

The Beatles, Elvis Presley, The Rolling Stones, The Monkees, Madonna, KISS, Hammer, Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix, Autographed items, The Concert Scene: Programs, Posters,  Handbills,  Tickets,   Instruments, Museum quality one-of-a-kind items, Lunchboxes, The Yellow Submarine, The Banana Splits and nearly every major Rock n Roll artist is represented from the 1950's through today.


"Beatle fans will be please-pleased to learn that more than 125 full pages in this book are devoted to Fab Four memorabilia; Extremely entertaining and a worthwhile addition to any Beatle collector's bookshelf" - Goldmine Magazine  

"Without belaboring the point all day, let me say simply that this is, without question, the best book on Rock Memorabilia ever done. Truly a great work..."   -  Perry D. Cox, author of The Official Price Guide To The Beatles  

"This memorabilia book really rocks!!  The collecting of rock memorabilia is really on a roll these days...and 'Rock-N-Roll Treasures' by Joe Hilton and Greg Moore is the ultimate visual guide for the purist.  Between the covers of this book, the reader will find 328 pages of dazzling full-color photos of some of the rock era's rarest treasures!  From autographs and stage suits to toys, magazines and countless other pieces of paraphernalia, it's all here!  A wide variety of musical acts is represented, too!  The Beatles have the lion's share of space because they're the most collected rock group of all time.  But all the other major acts are represented as well: Elvis, the Rolling Stones, the Bee Gees, Madonna...even those early '70's cut-ups, the Banana Splits! The autograph section will blow the reader away with a staggering array of pieces they won't see anyplace else.  Since the book also serves as a price guide, the reader can also assess the value of any pieces he or she might have in their possession.  Everything is here...from inexpensive trinkets to one-of-a-kind museum-quality pieces.  The variety is truly amazing. Readers will find themselves picking this book up again and again...not so much as a value guide, but as a stunning visual document that will evoke a flood of memories for anyone who grew up in the rock era.  If you're a fan of rock 'n roll, then clear off a space on your bookshelf for this beautiful book!" - Mark Naboshek, a Beatles collector from Dallas, TX  

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