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We start this section by showing you a page from the 1968 Yellow Submarine Press Book manufactured by United Artists.  This page lists the many companies and the official Yellow Submarine products they were licensed to manufacture back in 1968!  Some of these 'licensed items' are well known amongst collectors,  however many of the licensed items have never been found by any collectors and quite possibly,  they were never manufactured even though an official license for the product existed!  Too bad as we're sure every Yellow Submarine collector would have loved to own a set of 1968 Yellow Submarine Topps bubble gum cards or a 1968 inflatable swim toy or stuffed dolls by the Ideal Toy Corporation!


Alarm Clock.  Mfg in 1968 by the Sheffield watch company of West Germany.  Fully licensed item and very rare especially when found with the original box.  Sheffield only mfg 2 Yellow Submarine items:  this wind-up alarm clock and a very colorful wristwatch;  both are prized possessions.  No, you're not seeing double,  presented are two Yellow Submarine Alarm Clocks sitting on the same table!!  This alarm clock has been reproduced but the repro is nothing like the original, in terms of size and pattern.  Has been found with orange bells on the top instead of the yellow ones.  Ones with plain brass bells are definitely fake.  The original dial has painted on florescent dial markers which glow in the dark.  The box has been reproduced but the original is made of fairly stiff cardboard and the repros are laser printed so they are easily detected.

 YSalarmclockTWOofthem.jpg (51330 bytes)         


A set of 4 Yellow Submarine Coin Banks were manufactured by Pride Creations circa 1968 USA.  These 8" tall brightly hand-painted composition banks have a slot in the back of each head to put coins into.  On the bottom there is a rubber plug and 2 original stickers.  A triangular Pride Co sticker and a KFS sticker.  One of each Beatle was available at the time.  This set has been reproduced but you can easily tell the originals by looking at the bottom.  Originals have inset bottoms, not completely flat.  Originals also were issued with 2 stickers on the bottom; these were sometimes torn off or fell off.  Some originals say the word PRIDE inset, made into the piece itself.  Original boxes were green and had a sticker on one end identifying which Beatle was in the box with an ID number;  these are quite rare.  Pride Creations also made a set of Yellow Submarine key chains.

YSbankJohn.jpg (35914 bytes)    YSbankset1.jpg (51117 bytes)  YSbankset2.jpg (35455 bytes)  YSBAnkbottom.jpg (55857 bytes)

A  large cloth-type hard cover 3-ring Binder mfg by Vernon Rule, USA in 1968 and licensed by King Features Subafilms Ltd.  This item was originally sold as a set which included this 3 ring binder, a 8x10" side spiral wire bound notebook with cardboard cover and a smaller 5" x 7" side spiral bound notebook with cardboard cover.  Very hard to find the complete set still sealed in original shrinkwrap.  Click here to see the 3 piece set.

Ysbinder.jpg (61503 bytes)           

Book.  The Yellow Submarine Gift Book mfg in the UK in 1968 by World Distributors.  Officially licensed, oversized hardcover book printed in Holland.  Several foreign language versions were made including a French version(shown below) and an Italian version.

YSgiftbook.jpg (113256 bytes) 

Book.  The official Yellow Submarine hardback book,  mfg by World Publications in 1968.  This 4.25" x 7.25" item is the official story of The Yellow Submarine. Also shown is the rare cardboard store display for the hardback book.

YSHCbook.jpg (92717 bytes)   

The official Yellow Submarine Song Book,  mfg in the USA in 1968.  Features all the songs from the movie.  Has many color pages from features of the movie.  Originally was issued with a folded pull-out poster in the center that featured The Yellow Submarine in the center on a baby blue background; this poster is fairly hard to find still attached to the song book.

YSmusicbook.jpg (97175 bytes)

Official Yellow Submarine Books.   2 paperbacks, the USA and UK 1st printings and the USA hardcover 1st edition.

YSpaperbackbks.jpg (60394 bytes)

Yellow Submarine Book Covers were mfg in the USA in 1968.  To date no book covers have been verified to exist, only this advertisement does. UPDATE: a set of these Bookcovers were found and the photograph submitted to us!!!  A set of 4 Yellow Submarine Posters was made with these same designs!


Bookmark set mfg in the USA in 1968 under official license to Unicorn Creations USA.  Unicorn also made a set of bulletin boards, postcards and stationery sets in boxes.

YSbookmarkSET.jpg (46114 bytes)

Bubble Gum Cards were made in England by Anglo Confectionary Company.  There were 66 cards to the set along with colorful wrappers and a very nice display box.  The reverse of the cards could be put together to make a large picture;  this picture was also available as a poster that could be purchased by mail order.

YSGumCardSet.jpg (33756 bytes)  YSgumcardset-backs.jpg (88145 bytes)  YSgumcardboxANGLOUK.jpg (56291 bytes) YSgumcardsetwboxANGLO.jpg (76711 bytes)


YSgumcardANGLOwrapperset.jpg (19473 bytes)  YSgumcardANGLOwrapperset2.jpg (30116 bytes)  YSgumcardwrapperJohn.jpg (10970 bytes)  YSgumcardwrapperRingo.jpg (10482 bytes)



A very large 24" x 30" tall cardboard Bulletin Board still sealed in the original plastic wrap with original cardboard header card.  This is an officially licensed item made in 1968 by Unicorn Creations USA under license from King Features Syndicate Ltd.  In 1968 Unicorn Creations also made the boxes of Yellow Submarine Stationery; along with bookmarks and 2 different sizes of postcards.  Each includes the original pins(see the pins bag attached to upper right side of the Yellow Sub bulletin board).  Item is ink stamped "© KFS - SUBA" in lower right corner.  There were originally 6 different designs, one of each Beatle, the Group, and The Yellow Submarine. The bulletin boards were made of corrugated cardboard and thus were easily prone to bending, so they are quite hard to find today in excellent condition and still sealed.

YSBulletinBoard.jpg (163473 bytes)  YSbulletinBoardBeatlesSS.jpg (45240 bytes)       

Another, set of Bulletin Boards were mfg in the USA in 1968.  Collectors usually only purchase these still sealed with the original round sticker in place on the front outside of the shrink wrap.  Four different designs were made.  These were black light enabled bulletin boards that were made of foam core.

YSbulletinBoardset.jpg (71736 bytes) 

3.5" Pinback Button Set which consisted of 4 buttons depicting each Yellow Submarine Beatle.  Beware of counterfeit buttons: originals have very crisp black printing on the curl of each button. Most if not all should have brass pins on the backside, not silver colored pins;  The quickest way to spot an original button:  the reproductions have printed the name of the town incorrect on the side of the button:  originals say "Slough England" while repros or counterfeits say "Siough England" on the curl of the buttons.  The "L" is printed as an "I" on the reproductions!


An original 5 Piece Pin-back Button Set mfg by A&M Leatherlines Inc, NYC, USA in 1968.  Each pin-back button features a different scene and is marked A&M LEATHERLINES, INC., NEW YORK 10012 along the bottom edge.  The top edge of each button is marked ©KING FEATURES - SUBAFILMS LTD., 1968.  See images of edges below.  This is a very hard to find set.    These buttons were made by the same company that produced the ultra rare Yellow Submarine Desk Set which included items such 2 different size Photo Albums, The Sgt Pepper Scrapbook, The Pen Holder, Pencil Cup, Memo Pad and Diary.   There was only 1 original USA licensed manufacturer of Yellow Submarine pinback buttons in the 1960's.  Last shown is the Yellow Submarine Button Store Display Box believed to have held the A&M Leatherlines button set.

YSButtonSet-b.jpg (111062 bytes) YSButtonSet-c.jpg (4445 bytes) YSButtonSet-a.jpg (3028 bytes) 


Yellow Submarine Candle by Concept Development, PA. USA  2 Versions were made, one in a glass container and one in a metal container.  Both version have the same wrap around sticker.

YSCANDLE.jpg (19130 bytes) 

The Official 1969 Yellow Submarine Calendar mfg by Western Publishing Co., USA in 1968.  Included originally was the original Yellow Submarine envelope.  The calendar measures 25" tall by 12.25" wide.  The original envelope measures 14" tall by 12.5" wide.




Small Card set mfg in the UK by Primrose Confectionary.  1 card was included in a small box of Candy Cigarettes.  Each of these small boxes was sold from a larger, very rare colorful store display box.

YScardsprimroseSET.jpg (99555 bytes)  YSCandyCigarettesDisplayBox.jpg (61487 bytes) 

Art Animation Cels made for the full length motion picture The Yellow Submarine.  Much of the original hand painted art cels for the movie still remains.  They was originally marketed by companies like Hallmark in late 1968 through 1970 through their retail outlets charging $20 for 2 or 3 original production art cels including a Certificate of Authenticity for each set.  Original drawings used to make the art cels also survived.  Art animation drawings were drawn using pencil on animation sheets measuring approximately 12" x 16".  The art cels were created using these drawings.  Drawings usually sell at lower prices than do hand painted art cels because their were no colors used, only the outlined character was drawn.   Many examples of art animation cels are shown below along with 3 of the nearly-extinct original watercolor backgrounds.   An extensive look at the making of the movie The Yellow Submarine is now available in a great new book by Dr. Robert R. Hieronimus called Inside The Yellow Submarine - The Making of The Beatles Animated Classic,  available at bookstores now!  Dr. Hieronimus took over 20 years to assemble this masterpiece!  It is a highly recommended work for those wishing to gain a more in-depth look at the making of this remarkable motion picture.

YSCelsCOA.jpg (31537 bytes)  YSCELS1.jpg (82446 bytes)  YSCELVM.jpg (26089 bytes)  CELS5meanies.jpg (44466 bytes)  CELSGlove.jpg (9327 bytes) 

CELSpaul.jpg (30981 bytes) YSCELmonsters2.jpg (52269 bytes)  Celsringo.jpg (25384 bytes) YSBackground2.jpg (129350 bytes)

YSCELBULLDOG.jpg (58973 bytes) YSCELBOXINGKANGAROO.jpg (52515 bytes)  YSCELRINGOSTONEPEOPLE.jpg (54202 bytes)  

YSCEL123 BABY.jpg (61529 bytes)  YSCELSoctopuses.jpg (56181 bytes)  YSletraset2.jpg (42343 bytes)  YSletraset1.jpg (49837 bytes)

  YSCELYoungBeatles.jpg (70939 bytes)  YSDrawing.jpg (20446 bytes)
YSCELcaptain&mayor.jpg (43626 bytes)  YSCELcaptain&mayor2.jpg (23166 bytes)  YSCELcaptain&mayorCOA.jpg (81983 bytes)

Cereal Boxes mfg in the USA in 1968.  Rice Honeys and Wheat Honeys by Nabisco.  Both boxes have been counterfeited.  Inside each box of cereal originally came one sheet of KFS licensed Rub-Ons or Decals.   There were 8 different designs in the set.  Click here to see the set of Rub-Ons that came in these cereal boxes in the 1960s!

YSCEREALBX.jpg (143006 bytes)   

Metal Cigarette Cases were made in 1968.  There were at least 2 different styles made: The Blue Meanies and The Yellow Submarine. Pictured below is the Blue Meanie version.  Both versions are unlicensed items but highly sought after by collectors.  A highly polished tile with a "baked on" picture is featured on the top side. Inside has a cigarette holder.

The Yellow Submarine Party Coasters still sealed in their original packaging including the cardboard header card.  A black light painted item. 

YSpartycoasters.jpg (84171 bytes)

The Official Yellow Submarine Comic Book by Gold Key USA 1968.  This highly sought after comic book contains a full-color poster that was attached to the center.   The comic book to the right is an original 1968 issue from Sweden - inside text is all in Swedish!  See Comic Book in the regular section for other information.

YScomic.jpg (159739 bytes)  YSComicBookSwedish.jpg (15597 bytes)


The Beatles Yellow Submarine Colouring Book mfg in the UK by World Distributors.  The second picture shown below is the original hand painted artwork used for the cover of the book - how cool is that!!!

  YScolouringBook.jpg (25053 bytes) 

The Corgi Yellow Submarine mfg in the UK in 1968.  Issued in a very colorful box.  The metal die-cast submarine has been reissued but the re-issues do not have the exact embossed printing on the bottom of the submarine as do the originals (see photos below).   The original box has been reproduced but originals have tan cardboard interiors whereas reproductions have colored interiors.  Also shown is an original 1969 Corgi Catalog which pictured the Yellow Submarine inside.


YScorgicatalog1.jpg (46105 bytes)  YScorgiInBox.jpg (30640 bytes) 


Decals, see Rub-Ons or Cereal Boxes(that contained Rub-Ons/Decals)

The Yellow Submarine Desk Set mfg by A&M Leatherlines in NYC in 1968.  Several other pieces are not shown such as a Diary and an Address Book which are purported to exist but have never been found!!  The only other licensed pen holder was mfg by The US Ceramic Company in 1964.

YSdeskCaddy1.jpg (57970 bytes)    YSDeskset Items.jpg (16104 bytes)

A Yellow Submarine Dimensional 3-D paper sculpture mfg by Craftmaster Corporation USA in 1968.  This item came sealed in the original 15" x 18" large envelope.  There were originally 6 different designs made with this one being the rarest and most desireable, style D-1,  The Beatles. 

YSdimen.jpg (154537 bytes)  YSDimenBOOB.jpg (110124 bytes)  YSdimensionalLM.jpg (72104 bytes)  YSdimenSUB.jpg (110563 bytes)

YSdimensionalBOOB.jpg (55253 bytes)  YSdimensionalLOVETOWER.jpg (49670 bytes)  YSDimensionalsLMMeanie.jpg (64215 bytes)  YSDimensionalSUB.jpg (57145 bytes)

A Store Promotional Display advertising The Yellow Submarine in the August 1968 issue of EYE Magazine, USA.  Item is made of sturdy cardboard with a fold out cardboard easel on the back and measures approximately 20" square.


Exhibitors Campaign Book mfg in the UK in 1968.  Similar to the USA Press Book. 

YSexhibitorsCampaignBook.jpg (22302 bytes)


A BEATLES Yellow Submarine Cloth FLAG which was sold in stores in 1968. To place on your car's antenna.


An 8x10 Promotional Flyer which describes the movie and it's characters on the back from 1968.  Not difficult to find.

YSPromoFlyer.jpg (46136 bytes)


Yellow Submarine Glove Puppet Store Display Box.  Box contained bags of candy in packages shaped like each Yellow Submarine Beatle.  Both items are extremely hard to find.

YSGlovePuppetBox1.jpg (47230 bytes)    YSglovepuppets2.jpg (37225 bytes)

The ultra rare Beatles Goebel figurines mfg in West Germany in 1968.  One of each Beatle was made.  Approx. 8.5" high. Made of porcelain.  These were available in the USA in 1968/9.  For some unknown reason, most of the sets sold in the USA came from the Southwest region of the country.  Very difficult to find a complete set!  The left foot of each Beatle carries the blue ink Goebel markings from the late 1960's;  the right foot is marked with a production lot number which is impressed into each foot;  an example of a valid lot number is BULL308.   Each was hand painted by Goebel.  Exact production numbers are not known, even by the Goebel Corporation! We inquired!!!  Estimates are less than 100 sets were ever made in 1968.  What is known is that this project was originally developed by the Son of the owner of Goebel.  Goebel then presented one set to each Beatle as a gift!  Even Mal Evans and Neil Aspinall each received a set too!    Please note that in 1999 this set was reissued from the original 1968 molds.  The bottoms of each foot on the reissues are dated 1999 and have the official yellow submarine logo.  The reissue set was a limited edition of 1,968 sets and the original molds were then destroyed.  Shown below are the 1968 originals!

goebels.jpg (75199 bytes) 

Greeting Cards were mfg by The Sunshine Art Co. in Springfield, Mass in 1968.  4 different box designs and cards were made. 2 boxes were square and contained 20 greeting cards;  the other 2 boxes were rectangular and contained 14 and 18 greeting cards with envelopes.  All 4 sets were fully Licensed by King Features Subafilms Ltd.   Sunshine Art Company also made the YS mobiles in the packaging.

YSgreetingcards.jpg (126510 bytes)  YSgreetingCardsLongBoxes.jpg (53780 bytes)

A set of 6 Yellow Submarine Greeting Cards were mfg in the UK in 1968 for a Pepsi-Cola promotion.

YSGreetingCardsUK.jpg (69022 bytes) 


Beatles Clothes Hangers were made in the USA in 1968.  A set of four in a very colorful package.  See the early Beatles memorabilia section for 2 other clothes hangers sets mfg in the 1960's.

YSHangers.jpg (95925 bytes)  YShangarSET2.jpg (55291 bytes)

2 Versions of Beatles Yellow Submarine Halloween Costumes in their original boxes.  Both were licensed by King Features Syndicate Subafilms Ltd. in 1968 and manufactured by Collegeville Costumes, PA, USA. 
The first costume shown is the one normally found.  It's the plain Yellow Submarine version.  It has a Blue Meanie mask along with a costume that features The Beatles faces, The Yellow Submarine and a few other characters from the film. The body of this costume has pink silk-like material for the body; yellow arms and blue legs.  The images on the body of this costume are silk-screened.  Printed on the body is "© KING FEATURES - SUBAFILMS LTD., 1968".  The 8" x 11" x 3" yellow and red colored Box originally came with a cellophane window.  Stamped on both ends of the box are "YELLOW SUBMARINE", the size and "© KING FEATURES - SUBAFILMS LTD., 1968".
The second costume is the rarer Deluxe Version that features an electric light bulb in the forehead of the mask!  This version is quite different than the regular version.  The body is made from a similar silky-type material.  This costume features two large Blue Meanies and The Yellow Submarine.  Again, the graphics are silk-screened on.  At the top is printed "BLUE MEANIE" then printed multiple times across the body is a very familiar phrase from the movie, "The Meanies Are Coming!".   Printed on the body is "© KING FEATURES - SUBAFILMS LTD., 1968". The costume has a turquoise colored body, and alternating purple and blue colored arms and legs. The mask originally came with a power cord, light bulb and battery.  This version came in a larger 12" x 13" x 4" blue and red colored box again with a cellophane window.  Stamped on both ends of the box are "BLUE MEANIE", the size and "© KING FEATURES - SUBAFILMS LTD., 1968".

YSCostume1.jpg (84299 bytes) 


Yellow Submarine Keychains were mfg by Pride Creations in the USA in 1968 under exclusive license from King Features Subafilms Ltd.  Pride Creations also made a great set of 4 Yellow Submarine coin banks!

YSkeychainsets.jpg (67169 bytes)


The Yellow Submarine Lunch Box and Thermos were made by King Sealy Corp. in 1968. This lunchbox is very difficult to find in true Near Mint condition.  There was a small find of 12 of these lunchboxes with thermoes still sealed in it's original cardboard shipping box several years back!  Both items were fully licensed by King Features Subafilms Ltd. in 1968.  It is the only Yellow Submarine lunchbox that was produced in the 1960s.  See other lunchboxes by clicking here

YSlunchboxThermos3.jpg (38549 bytes)       

Lobby Card set of 8 mfg by United Artists in the USA for the motion picture shown below left.  Below right is the UK Yellow Submarine Lobby Card Set.  See also Movie Items below.

YSlobbycardset2.jpg (70913 bytes) 


The Official Yellow Submarine Magazine mfg in 1968 in the USA.  Two versions exist, one with 48 pages and another with 64 pages.  

YSmagazineOfficial48pg.jpg (87993 bytes)  YSmagsBothVersions.jpg (52016 bytes)

A very rare item, The Yale Literary Magazine from March 1968 and printed by Yale University in the USA features articles on The Yellow Submarine.  A great piece!  

YSYaleLiterary.jpg (54910 bytes)     

The very hard to find Italian Yellow Submarine Magnetic Game mfg in 1968 and fully licensed by KFS Ltd.  This item features a large metal board covered with very colorful sticker sheets and also includes a large punch out sheet of Yellow Submarine characters to stick on the backgrounds.  Originally issued in a plastic bag with cardboard header card as shown below. 

YSmagneticgame1.jpg (87119 bytes)  YSmagneticgame2.jpg (70888 bytes)

The official Yellow Submarine Mobile still sealed in it's original packaging complete with it's original black string.  This licensed item was mfg by The Sunshine Art Co in Springfield Massachusetts in 1968.   Item measures 14.5" x 9.5" tall.   Sunshine Art also made 4 different boxes of greeting cards in 1968.

YSmobile2.jpg (250422 bytes)   

The official Yellow Submarine Plastic Model Kit in it's original box shown with all original contents.  This licensed item was mfg by The Craftmaster Corp in Mount Clemens Michigan in 1968.  In unused near mint condition.   Inside bag was sealed and contained kit including decals, instructions, Beatle standups, etc.  This item came originally sealed.

YSmodelkit1.jpg (123403 bytes)  YSmodelkitSS.jpg (62517 bytes)

The Yellow Submarine Movie Posters!  Pictured is the original UK 1 Sheet Movie Poster and is the one featured in the new book Rock 'n Roll Treasures.   This actual poster was used at the opening premiere of the movie in London on July 18th, 1968.  The poster measures 40" x 30" tall and  was originally adhered to a large piece of masonite and has marks on it's back where it was glued to an easel.     The poster itself is very difficult to find and is usually folded.  Original United Artists movie posters came in a variety of sizes from Window Cards, Insert Posters, half-sheet, 1 sheet, 3 sheet, 6 sheet and 24 sheet.  The 1 sheet poster has been widely reproduced.  See an original 8 foot long fiberglass Yellow Submarine that was used at the USA opening premiere in 1968!  Also see the Yellow Submarine Lobby Card set above.  Check out the original Capitol Promotional Store Display for The Yellow Submarine!

YSUKPoster.jpg (505470 bytes)  YsposterInsert.jpg (31646 bytes)  YSmovieposterWindowCard.jpg (55330 bytes)  YSmovieposterSweden.jpg (82362 bytes)  YSpostermovieItaly.jpg (89356 bytes)  YSpostermovieUSA1sheet.jpg (81969 bytes)   

Movie Promotional Lobby Card & Still mfg by KFS Ltd.  USA and UK versions shown.

YSMoviePromoCards.jpg (67617 bytes)

The Yellow Submarine Movie Program by GO Publications, NYC 1968 and the UK Program.  At far right is shown the original Japanese movie program.

YSinsidestory.jpg (108458 bytes)   


Notebooks were made in 2 sizes in the USA.  A matching 3 ring binder was also sold in the 3 piece set.

YSnotebookSET.jpg (59694 bytes)


The Yellow Submarine Paint by Number Kit in it's original packaging.  2 versions, large and small sets.  The large set originally came sealed in shrink wrap.  The small version was sealed too but not in shrinkwrap.  Included paint, blank pictures to paint and paintbrush.   

 YSpaintkits-smalllarge.jpg (74244 bytes)  YSpaintsetLGback.jpg (24878 bytes)  YSpaintsetSMALLportraitsSET.jpg (100234 bytes)

Two sizes of Photo Albums were made by A&M Leatherlines, USA, 1968.  Also shown is the Scrapbook.

YSphotos.jpg (12437 bytes)  YSPhotoAlbumsScrapbook.jpg (73917 bytes)

A Pin Set mfg in 1968 featured 8 of the main characters.  Each is marked KFS on the back.  Also shown is a Yellow Submarine Stickpin.

YSpinSET.jpg (16666 bytes)

The Yellow Submarine Planter, a non-licensed item made in the late 60's or early 1970's in the USA.  Still a very nice and desirable item.

Popstickles, see Stickers section.

A set of 6 large 10"x14" Postcards mfg in the USA in 1968.  These licensed Postcards were mfg by Unicorn Creations USA under official license from King Features Subafilms Ltd.  They also made a smaller set of postcards too.  Shown next is another set of 5 smaller postcards.  The 3rd photo is a set of eleven 5"x8" very hard to find Yellow Submarine postcard set mfg by Poster Prints USA and the last photo is a closeup of one of these Poster Prints made postcards.  Unicorn Creations also made a rare set of 6 bulletin boards and also Yellow Submarine Stationery sets in boxes. 

YSpostcardsetlarge.jpg (49855 bytes)  YSpostcardSETof5.jpg (53644 bytes)  YSpostcardset5x8-1.jpg (91922 bytes)  YSpostcardset5x8-2.jpg (30076 bytes)

A Licensed Yellow Submarine Black Light Poster mfg in 1969 by Poster Prints, PA, USA.  This poster was licensed by King Features Subafilms Ltd in 1969.  It is listed however in the Rock 'n Roll Treasures Rock Memorabilia book. Not many original licensed Yellow Submarine items were dated 1969;  most were dated 1968 however this is one of those.  Another example of 1969 dated memorabilia is the rare Italian Magnetic Yellow Submarine Game.  The poster measures 25" wide by 38" high.  

YSposterblacklight1.jpg (26051 bytes)  YSposterblacklight2.jpg (85231 bytes)  YSposterblacklight3.jpg (68144 bytes)  YSposterblacklight4.jpg (19193 bytes)


A Rare Yellow Submarine Hallmark Poster mfg. by Hallmark of France in 1969.  A hard to find poster!!!  One sold for $2,500 in January 2003 at Sotheby's Auction House!   2 versions exist with minor differences:  one version has a KFS ink stamp below the Hallmark logo;  the 2nd version does not.  Both versions have the black Hallmark Logo printed at the bottom.  Hallmark is a USA company, but this poster was not available in the US, only in France!  This is a very large poster measuring approx 39" tall by 27" wide.


Another Yellow Submarine Black Light Poster.  Mfg by Poster Prints 1968.

YSPosterBlackLightLOVE.jpg (35235 bytes)  YSposterBlackLightLOVE.jpg (47836 bytes)

Columbia Special Products made a Set of 4 Yellow Submarine Posters in the USA in 1968. Each measures 21" x 29" and all 4 are officially licensed posters from the Yellow Submarine!  A cool set!   A set of  Bookcovers was made with these same designs!

YSPosterColumbia1.jpg (44146 bytes)         

A fold out Poster that was included as an insert in Eye Magazine in the August 1968 issue.  See the in store promotional display for this issue of Eye magazine!

YSposterEYEMag.jpg (30001 bytes)

Another vintage Yellow Submarine Poster.  Mfg in Germany in 1968.

Another vintage Yellow Submarine Poster from 1968.  Found in the UK and marked (C) KFS and Subafilms Ltd just to the left of Paul printed vertically.

Promotional Poster Cards such as this were made in 1968 in conjunction with the movie's release.  These measure 11" x 14" and are of photographic quality and mounted on cardboard backings.  Various scenes.

YSpostercardpromo.jpg (75750 bytes)

A boxed set of Yellow Submarine Poster Put-Ons.  Mfg and licensed by Craftmaster Corp., USA in 1968.  There were 2 variations of this item and this one is Craftmaster Number 70503-The Beatles.  Great graphics on this 15.5" x 2" box.  Inside is a large 15" x 21" poster and a 10" x 14" decal sheet with over 60 large decals of all your favorite Yellow Submarine characters!    Very Groovy !!!

YSposterputons1.jpg (158579 bytes)  YSposterputons2.jpg (95232 bytes)  YSposterputons3.jpg (134629 bytes)  YSposterputons2.jpg (57103 bytes)

Official United Artists Press Book.  1968 USA.  Contains many items that were mfg to promote the movie back in the sixties!  The second photo shows the page within this book that lists many of the official licensees of Yellow Submarine products back in 1968 - very interesting reading as many of these items are well known, some of these products were probably never manufactured!

YSpressbook.jpg (43655 bytes) 

A rare Promotional YELLOW SUBMARINE Press Information Kit mfg in 1968 by United Artists in the USA.  A Yellow Folder with a double-sided insert fact sheet about the movie.  The folder is die-cut on the front with 2 circles that show Paul and Ringo's faces when inserted.  A Very hard to find promotional item!


The Yellow Submarine Press Out Book.  This 1968 fully licensed U.K. manufactured item is complete and completely unused.  This is an extremely rare item to find.  This 24 page book has many pages to color and includes heavy cardboard page sections with press-out pieces which make a large Beatles Yellow Submarine Paper Sculpture!!! 

YSpressoutbook1.jpg (82712 bytes)  YSpressoutbook2.jpg (70358 bytes)

YSpressoutbook3.jpg (116409 bytes)  YSpressoutbook4.jpg (81976 bytes)  YSpressoutbook2.jpg (34324 bytes)

The Movie Program sold in theaters at the opening premiere of The Yellow Submarine in  1968 in the USA.  This item was mfg by GO Publishing USA.  Also shown is a rare Japanese Yellow Submarine Movie Program from 1968.

YSinsidestory.jpg (108458 bytes) 

Yellow Submarine Puzzles were made by Jaymar Co in NYC in 1968.  19 different boxed puzzles were made in 3 sizes.  Shown is the complete set of 9 original Pocket Puzzles, as the small versions were called.  There were 4 Medium size puzzles and 6 Large size puzzles.  The small ones came sealed with just 2 strips of cellophane tape and the medium and large ones came sealed.  The sealed ones have the front box cover slicks folded over and glued onto the backsides on 2 sides only.  Most collectors pay top dollar for still sealed puzzles because they are so difficult to find sealed!

YSpuzzlesLargeSET1.jpg (67953 bytes)  YSpuzzlesLargeSET2.jpg (68892 bytes)  YSpuzzlesLargeSET3.jpg (64264 bytes) 

YSpuzzlesSmallSet.jpg (83897 bytes) YSpuzzleSMALLBIP.jpg (72550 bytes)  YSpuzzleSMITYS.jpg (63127 bytes)

YSpuzzle1.jpg (92930 bytes)  YSpuzzleBIPmedium.jpg (46480 bytes)   


The Beatles Yellow Submarine Rub-Ons or decals mfg by Hasbro in the USA in 1968.  These officially licensed Rub-Ons came as cereal premiums in either Rice Honeys or Wheat Honeys Cereal Boxes by Nabisco in 1968.  8 Different sheets available in the set and each include an original instruction sheet.  Click here to see the 1960s cereal boxes.  These were officially licensed Yellow Submarine items by King Features Subafilms Ltd in 1968;  each decal sheet is marked "© KFS".

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The Yellow Submarine large 12" x 14.5" Scrapbook mfg by A&M Leatherline in NYC in 1968.  Officially licensed Item.  This item has stiff front and back covers  with blank pages inside.  

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Beatles Yellow Submarine Stationery was mfg by Unicorn Creations in the USA in 1968.  They were originally issued with 20 sheets of stationery with 20 matching envelopes.   There are 16 different designs known to exist and all 16 are shown below.  According to the mail order sheet shown below (last picture), there were 18 different designs made but we have only seen 16 of these.
Notice: December 2012... Andy M. from California has found 1 of the 2 missing Yellow Submarine Stationery Designs...he has found Design#10, The Chief Blue Meanie with it's matching envelope!!! See next to last picture below!!!  Very, very cool!!! Thanks Andy!!  The only design not yet found now is The Apple Bonkers, Design# 7.
Original issue boxes either came in yellow, red, green or black.  Only the yellow boxes actually listed the stationery design# on the backside.  Boxes that say anything about Peter Max were not issued in  the 1960's as these are repackages of left over 1968 Stationery, repackaged in the 1990's.  Unicorn Creations also mfg a rare set of 6 large Bulletin Boards in 1968, along with postcards and bookmarks.

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Stickers were made in a variety of sizes and styles.  Called Pop-Stickles and a set of 3 was made.   The other picture are small sticker sets that were available in various products in 1968 such as Stridex and Potato Chip Bags.  Both sets made in the USA in 1968.  The last picture shown is a sticker set possibly made in 1968 in Argentina.

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2 Hard to find large cardboard Stickers Store Displays with tear off coupons to mail in for stickers.  One promo poster was for Potato Chips containing stickers, very cool!  The set of 4 stickers available is also shown with original mailing envelope.

YSrubonDISPLAY.jpg (43587 bytes)  YSstickerset.jpg (64139 bytes)   


The Yellow Submarine Sticker Fun Book mfg in the UK by World Distributors in 1968.

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The Yellow Submarine Switchplate Covers mfg in the USA in 1968.  Officially licensed Item.  This item measures 6.5" x 10.5" tall.  A set of 5 were originally made.   A black light item.  

YSswitchplate.jpg (154442 bytes)  YSswitchplateSET.jpg (42796 bytes)


A Ticket to the UK premiere of the movie in London England on July 17th, 1968.

YSTicketPremiere.jpg (68816 bytes)

A Yellow Submarine promotional Transparency mfg. in 1968 and licensed by King Features Subafilms Ltd.  These features various scenes from the movie.  Even though not marked KFS,  these are officially licensed items made for promotional use only.   They are marked along the edge 197 KODAK SAFETY FILM 48 as are all original transparencies.  These transparencies were believed to be used to create other items such as posters, greeting cards, etc.   The images on the item could be blown up and transferred onto almost any item.  The smaller ones measures 5" x 4" tall and there are larger ones that exist also.

YSTransparency1.jpg (57242 bytes)  YSTransparency2.jpg (58559 bytes)  YSTransparency3.jpg (46675 bytes)

The ONLY 1968 Yellow Submarine Officially Licensed KFS T-Shirt.   There are 2 known versions with only slight differences.  one has "© King Features Syndicate & Subafilms Ltd" spelled out; the other has K.F.S. & Suba".  Both versions have "Scott Lester Organisation" printed as the manufacturer.  The graphics are exactly the same on both versions.  Slight variations in coloring are the only other difference.  A hard to find item.  This is the only officially licensed BEATLES Yellow Submarine Shirt made worldwide in 1968.

 YSSHIRT.jpg (89991 bytes) 


The extremely rare and quite colorful Beatles Yellow Submarine Wallpaper, fully licensed and marked © 1969 K.F.S. & Subafilms distribue par Opera Mundi.  This item was sold in rolls in 1969 in France.  Not a complete panel shown but a snapshot of the partial pattern.  Can you image a complete room done in this wild pattern?  Very cool!

A set of 4 cardboard Beatles Wall Plaques mfg in 1968 and licensed by KFS Ltd.  There is one of each Beatle featured on these Black Light painted placards which measure 9" x 21".   Also made were a large Yellow Submarine and a Blue Flying Glove Wall Plaque.  There were 2 different Ringo and Paul backgrounds used; shown is the alternate yellow background Ringo wall plaque; the alternate Paul version had a red patterned background.

YSplacards.jpg (71542 bytes)    YSwallplaques-glovesub.jpg (52267 bytes)

Wristwatch.  Mfg in 1968 by the Sheffield watch company of West Germany.  A fully licensed item by King Features Subafilms Ltd. and very rare especially when found with both the original vinyl band and original Sheffield hangtag.  The face of the watch is a painted litho on a metal dial.  Beware of counterfeits -  originals have a painted dial with black hands and NO second hand.  Originals have a gold colored case with a chrome back that states "DIAMOND TOOLED Base Metal,  Electronically Timed, Anti Magnetic, Swiss Made".  This watch was not sold with a Yellow Submarine specific box;  it either came in a generic Sheffield box or with a generic Sheffield hangtag as most of these were originally displayed hanging on an in-store watch rack.  See picture below of the original box.  Just finding the watch without the band is quite a feat in itself!!!  Very desirable if watch is in good working condition and keeps time.  Sheffield only manufactured 2 Yellow Submarine items in the Sixties:  this colorful wrist watch and a wind-up alarm clock;  both are prized possessions. 

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An 8 foot long Yellow Submarine used at the USA Movie Premieres.  Constructed of fiberglass, this great item is 8 feet long, 5 feet wide and 4 feet high.  Both hatches remove,  the periscopes can revolve and the rudder moves.  Found in a movie warehouse in Hollywood.   See other Yellow Submarine movie items.

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