Professional Appraisals

Many collectors today don't have insurance on their valuable Beatles collections.  Insurance companies require a detailed list of each item appraised by a knowledgeable third party source.   Don't risk your collection!!!  Get it insured and  contact us for a professional appraisal.

Key Benefits

  •     Over 20 years in the Beatle business

  •     Author of Rock 'n Roll Treasures Price Guide

  •     Obtain written valuations of your entire collection,  both memorabilia and recordings

  •     Ensure your collection is insured for it's current value!!!  Why take a chance with fire or theft?  Insurance companies require written appraisals in order to provide coverage.  BeatleBay's written appraisal is accepted by all major insurance companies.  Most major insurance companies today allow for 'fine-art' Beatle collections to be covered as addendums  to your homeowners policy.  Contact your specific insurance company customer service department for details.  It is cheaper than you might think to have your collection insured!!!


- You provide us with a list of your Beatles collection detailing every item and each item's condition.  If you can provide individual photographs to us in .jpg format, we can also print each photo on the written appraisal.

- We will return a professional appraisal of your collection in a timely manner.  We can provide you with Sample Appraisal Reports.


Professional Appraisals are now done on a collection basis.  We charge a flat rate of $295 to provide you with a detailed report for your Insurance Company.  This is for a collection with up to 250 individual items.  Each item can have it's own photograph also but you must provide us with photographs of each item.  For each additional 100 items, please add $150 to the cost.  These rates are based upon $75.00 USD per hour.  You will also be provided with a cover page which summarizes your collection.  Click on the icons below for actual examples of Appraisal Reports that you will receive.  Contact us for more information. 


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